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Name almost any industry in the world, and there are consultants for it. Consulting is a profession built on providing advice as a service to various industries. Jobs for consultants, often called analysts, have grown dramatically over the past decade. Here is a closer look at some popular consultant jobs available.

Information Technology Consultant Jobs

Information security analysts develop and enforce security measures for the protection of the computer networks and systems of a company or organization. With the recent rise in cybercrime, their duties are constantly updating and expanding to stay ahead of the next cyberattack.

The average salary for an information security analyst is $95,510 per year. The education level to start is usually a bachelor's degree, and often, experience in this or a related field. Job growth is expected to be 28 percent, which is a much faster rate than average.

Marketing Consultant Jobs

Market research analysts focus on a local, regional or national segment of market conditions. They gather data to predict sales of a product or service, including data on competitors, sales and prices. They may also be responsible for creating a marketing campaign.

The average salary for a market research analyst in the United States is $63,230 annually. Top-paying industries for the profession include aerospace product and parts manufacturing and semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing. The telecommunicationsalso makes the list and is the sector with the largest number of employees. Top-paying states for market research analysts include New Jersey, Washington and Delaware.

Management Consultant Jobs

Management analysts recommend methods to improve an organization's efficiency. Their job is to introduce ideas to managers regarding cost reduction and increased revenue. They must travel frequently for client meetings.

The average annual wage for a management analyst is $82,450, and the educational requirement is usually a bachelor's degree and experience. The outlook for job growth within the career is 14 percent, faster than typical.

There are 1,368,950 people employed in the management, scientific and technical consulting services industry in America. The broad spectrum of industries served by consultants provides the job seeker with infinite choices in work environment and responsibilities. And the fast job growth outlook means that the industry will only continue to expand.

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